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Adventurer | Photographer | Filmmaker

Chad Gunton is a filmmaker, photographer, and adventurer. His dynamic portfolio of photos and films makes him the perfect media solutions partner for brands, organizations, and individuals.


Chad left behind a burgeoning career in commercial banking for a lifestyle immersed in the outdoors. The breakthrough moment occurred during a snowboarding trip to Colorado where, on the slopes of Aspen, Chad realized that the joys of nature are too hard to pass up. Chad recognized that sacrificing a cushy office job is well worth fulfilling his dreams to capture the beauty of our world and those operating within it.


Chad is equipped to deliver in strenuous environments while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. That includes sitting in a freezing pond filming duck hunts in Kansas; anchoring himself to the side of the Appalachian Mountains to capture ascending climbers; snowboarding down double black diamonds in the Rocky Mountains.  Regardless of the situation, Chad is able to adapt and creatively meet client’s needs.


When he is not capturing moments for others, Chad enjoys hiking, camping, and snowboarding in his free time.  He currently splits his time between Raleigh, NC and Denver, CO.

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